Debra started experiencing the symptoms of fibromyalgia when she was 15 years old. With the support, love and concern of her parents, they tried many different
medical forms of treatment but gave little relief of the symptoms. Finally at the age of 26, Debra started developing her own “Recipe for Feeling Fit and Healthy”
and the symptoms of fibromyalgia started to diminish.

Debra was interviewed on Lubbock’s FOX34 News in November 2015. She explains that the doctors told her that the medications she was taking for the symptoms of fibromyalgia would not be safe for her to take if she became pregnant. “If the medications are not safe for my baby, then why are they safe for me?” asked Debra.  At that time, she started searching and praying for a way to become healthy so she would no longer need to take the medications.  She gathered the research of over 40 different doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and other medical experts and developed the Recipe for Feeling Fit and Healthy.  The information in this book is helpful for people that want to stay healthy or for people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.